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Gregory Mongeon

Dr. Greg’s Patient Experience with Integrated Medicine

Amongst the numerous functional medicine enthusiasts, Dr. Greg is not only a famous name but he is also recognized as one of the leading professionals. With a strong patient community, he has also successfully released his own et of functional medicine collection. According to his claims, the supplements have been designed using several nutrients and amino acids that can help both treats and prevent chronic diseases. But, what makes him one of the most preferred functional medicine nutritionists? Let’s find the answer. 

He believes in a thorough check-up

Unlike other nutritionists, Dr. Greg Mongeon gives each one of his patients a thorough check-up. He has stated numerous times that symptoms are a good sign and they must be treated likewise to know the underlying condition properly. However, the issue with many doctors is that they give medications to ease the symptom rather than trying to know the actual problem, which further worsens one’s condition.

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He also likes to gather as much information possible

Upon receiving a case, the first phase of his work involves talking to the patient or their family members and to gather as much information possible. This includes asking about their initial symptoms, type of treatments, or medications previously taken. Afterward, he then designs a treatment plan involving the integrated functional medicine specifically for the patient.

Scanning previous medical records is a necessity

In case you have been to many doctors or have been suffering from the condition for long, Dr. Greg will ask for your previous medical records. Reportedly, this helps to decide the right type of treatment for the condition without increasing any further risks. He may also ask for the doctor who was involved in the case before him and ask for lab tests to get a clearer picture.

His concept of Functional Medicine is different

While many natural medicine doctors often promote the usage of natural supplements as the ultimate elixir for the body, Dr. Greg Mongeon has a different perception. He states that the usage of natural elements for relieving the symptom is similar to the allopathic ways of treatment. Hence, it is very essential to make one’s body strong by understanding the cause rather than treating the condition. This is why, his patients are often referred to maintain an active lifestyle, with the intake of a balanced diet regularly. Moreover, he has also launched his own series of meal supplements that have an array of benefits on the human body.

Dr. Greg’s career background

Dr. Greg has Bachelor's in Human Biology, a Doctorate in Chiropractic both from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington MN. With his keen interest in functional medicine, he has successfully transformed the lives of many of his patients with superior guidance. He has a sound knowledge of treating the chronic disease from his background in clinical nutrition and functional endocrinology. As he has always approached the root cause(s) of the disease instead of the disease itself, his efforts have always shown positive outcomes.

His experience with complex health cases

When Dr. Greg understood the power Functional Medicine holds, he started taking complex cases to see how it works. To everyone’s surprise, he did a good number on his total number of successful cases which involves cases of hormonal imbalance, diabetes, ADD/ADHD, neurotoxin illness, and many more.

Mentoring Gold Medal Athletes

With his commendable success on Functional Medicine treatment, many elite athlete performers started to seek his assistance for maintaining a healthy body profile. Olympic Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs himself promotes Dr. Greg’s unique treatment plans and supplement ideas to his followers all over the world. So, it is no surprise that functional medicine is gaining so much popularity lately. All we have to do is to keep our faith static on a reputed doctor and let nature take over our illness from the body like never before.

These are some of the points which make the treatment ideology of Dr. Greg Mongeon different from others. He has also successfully treated patients suffering from autism and is currently supporting many renowned athletes. Furthermore, John Burroughs, the Olympic Gold Medalist has also preferred Dr. Greg to his fans during numerous events for an overall healthy body. So, if interested you can consult with the nutritionist and his team at Dr. Greg’s Functional Medicine and get high-quality consultation within affordable prices.