This is a shameless plug for Daily Harvest, which is an amazing food service I recently tried (with my own money). They deliver straight to your door and what’s even better is most of their products are Paleo. Also 95% of all their ingredients are organic with no fillers, gums, refined sugars, harmful oils, stabilizers, or anything artificial EVER. After watching a ton of marketing ads for Daily Harvest, on Instagram, I finally went for it after I saw a blogger eat a Paleo flatbread from them. And I have to say after trying their Kabocha + Sage flatbread, it’s worth the hype. All the hype. Elsie and I demolished one of these for lunch a couple days ago and dipped it into marinara sauce. The key with making a successful Paleo flatbread is your oven has to be blazing hot and I also put ours directly on the rack (the directions recommend a baking sheet). The crust is made out of cassava flour and other root vegetables, depending on which flatbread you go for, so I found directly on the rack made for a crisper better crust. But overall could not recommend the taste or convenience of these more. Check out all their flatbread options here.

Bonus: use code RE-3DHY2LH for $25 off your first order if you’d like to try it.