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for a Lyme Disease diagnosis. This quiz result page is not a diagnosis, and you should always discuss health concerns with a health provider.

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 Lab testing is based on specificity and sensitivity.  Traditional lab testing is 55% sensitive and is not as accurate. There is new testing that offers 95% sensitivity which allows for more accuracy. 

In 2017 I suddenly woke up and just started feeling awful. It was strange because I was in the best shape of my life, had a healthy diet and practiced really healthy habits and suddenly I felt awful. This went on for months. I saw my primary MD and she said “all your tests are normal” and encouraged me to try some hormone replacement. At 43 years old I thought I was a little young but I was desperate to feel better. My symptoms started with general fatigue, then I was not recovering from my workouts very well. I started getting headaches and just not feeling right. Within 3 months my body put on 45 lbs, I was having trouble with memory and multitasking was really a challenge. After reading an article I went back to my Doctor and said “test me for Lyme disease”. 1 week later I had a call from my Doctor, Jen you have Lyme disease and you need to be treated right away. 

I spent the next year seeing multiple infectious disease doctors who used antibiotics to treat the Lyme disease. At my last appointment my Dr. Said “I’ve done all I can, now go live your life with Lyme.” 

I was 44 years old and had not recovered, I was scared I was going to end up not being able to care for my family or myself. I had left my job and began to shut down internally because I felt like nobody understood what it was like. That’s when I decided I had to do something. I searched for a functional medicine doctor that would understand Lyme disease. That’s when finally my life began to change. I don’t know what I would be like had I not taken this step to continue to fight for myself.   ~ Jen, Burnsville MN