Paleo By Maileo Box

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Paleo By Maileo Box Contents

Received my first ever Paleo By Maileo Box last week (eeeeeek!) and have been working my way through the variety of delicious snacks offered ever since. Paleo By Maileo is a premium subscription box that gives you an assortment of 7-9 crowd-pleasing 100% Paleo food, product, & snacks at your own frequency level. But what I like best about it (besides eating all the food) is being exposed to new brands. I consider myself to be a pretty savvy shopper and I hadn’t heard of ANY of the brands in my box before. Which means there is so much new territory to discover. It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time because I now know I have a lot more work to do. So many possibilities when it comes to being Paleo and I feel I’ve just scratched the surface! Like I said, it’s exciting and terrifying. But I’m here for it!!!!! Below I list the brands and then the flavor/item of what I found in my box:

The Ugly Co. – White Nectarines
MCT Co. – Berry Beautiful and Caramel Sea Salt
Karmalize.Me – Raw Macadamia Nuts
Ferris Coffee & Nut Co. – Day Break
Tonic – Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen
Kiwalife – Native Andean Potato Chips
Karl Family Farms – Beef Jerky

You can also watch my live unboxing here on my Instagram page.

Melissa Eggum

Melissa Eggum

Hi, my name is Melissa and I’m an absolute food enthusiast! I love making food, trying new food, and above all - eating food. Recently my husband, daughter, and I went Paleo with the goal of healing our gut and living longer, healthier lives. My blog is a little space on the internet that shares our story as well as all my favorite tried and true Paleo recipes. Stop by and say hi at ReadySetPaleo