Chicken Noodless Soup

Chicken Noodless Soup

That’s right. There are no noodles in this soup and there’s no need for them. The endless amounts of juicy white and dark chicken meat, chunks of flavorful carrots, and little pieces of tender celery (don’t forget the celery leaves as well!) are all you need to make this comforting and familiar soup. We hardly get sick anymore (since following a Paleo lifestyle) but a few weeks ago we went to Wisconsin Dells on a mini vacation and as soon as we got back home, the colds came. This soup was the only thing I craved. I even drank it out of a coffee mug for breakfast one morning. And if you can make it with homemade chicken stock, even better. So whether you’re healing from a cold or just in the mood for a hot cup of soup, this recipe hits the spot every time.

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