Danielle Walker's Shepard's Pie (Part 1)

Danielle Walker’s Shepard’s Pie (Part 1)

I have mentioned Danielle Walker on here before – because she is who I’m ultimately striving to be like on my Paleo cooking journey. In my opinion, she was the OG of Paleo before it became more mainstream. And her recipes are so so good and NORMAL. She makes food I want to eat. Meaning sometimes I eat because I have to and other times I eat because it’s just that good. Every single recipe of Danielle’s I’ve tried has been a home run and has also tasted better than the original version I grew up on. Her Shepard’s Pie is no exception. Depending on what you or your family can tolerate, I made her recipe with mashed potatoes on top instead of mashed cauliflower (which is what Danielle uses). However either way is delicious and worthy of becoming a staple family meal in your home.

*This recipe is from Danielle’s cookbook Eat What You Love.

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