Fruit Kabobs (Kid's Lunch Idea)

Fruit Kabobs (Kid’s Lunch Idea)

This may look simple but I felt like I had struck gold when I thought of it. Elsie got a Wellie Wishers for Christmas this year – it’s the American Girl Doll toddler line. And she also got a picnic set for her doll, Camille, which came with sandwiches, smoothies, and………….. fruit kabobs. Elsie always pretends to eat Camille’s food when she plays with her. So the idea came to me one afternoon while watching her do this,  to make her a real fruit kabob for lunch. I needed to get resourceful because we were running low on groceries. I found strawberries and black olives and decided to pile them on a plastic Minnie Mouse toy thing we had (it resembled a skewer). I then put it on a plate and handed it over to Elsie. She went crazy for it!! Ate 4 fruit kabobs in a row and had another as a side with dinner that same night. Strawberries are one of Elsie’s favorite foods but olives are new. And also something I’ve been trying to introduce to her for months with no luck. My point of this “recipe” is to try foods with your kid in new ways. Fruit kabobs are such a fun, easy, and inventive way to switch things up. Whether it’s for lunch, a snack, or even as a side, the combinations are endless! I’ve listed a few of my favorite combinations below:

Strawberries + black olives
Turkey pepperoni + pickles + grapes
Cucumbers + mango + goat cheese + fresh mint
Cantaloupe + blackberries + goat cheese
Grilled chicken + pineapple
Cherry tomatoes + fresh basil + drizzled with balsamic vinegar
Kiwi + mango + raspberries
Pickles + goat cheese + honey ham deli meat

Try one. Try them all. Or create your own!

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