Grain-Free Pesto Pasta

Grain-Free Pesto Pasta

YOU HEARD ME. You can now buy grain-free pasta and it is a GAME CHANGER. The brand I like to use is by jovial and the only ingredients in it are cassava flour and water. They taste exactly like every other gluten-free noodle to me (rice, chickpea, quinoa, and etc.) except these are completely grain-free. Which, simultaneously, also makes them gluten-free. I CANNOT wait to eat more of these (hope everyone is enjoying my use of all caps here).

Anyways I whipped this pasta up over lunch a weeks ago and it was a real winner. I did not have homemade pesto on hand because it is winter in Minnesota (and because most of my basil plants died on me last summer). So instead I used a Paleo compliant pesto which I found at one of my favorite grocery stores in the midwest, Aldi. If you do not have an Aldi near you, look for a premade pesto with no parmesan cheese in it. Surprisingly there are usually a handful of options at most grocery stores. Just check your labels.

I also added a few extra ingredients into my pasta, which you can leave in or out depending on personal preference. But chopped walnuts, fresh herbs, and crispy pieces of bacon would also go great with this recipe.

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