Hibachi Ginger Dressing

Hibachi Ginger Dressing

I never thought I would post another salad dressing recipe because The Only Salad Dressing You’ll Ever Need Dressing speaks for itself. But. And this is a HUGE but. But this salad dressing is worth posting about. I roughly followed this recipe found on Unbound Wellness but made a few changes to it below. Tastes like hibachi but is full of blended carrots, celery, and ginger. AND COMPLETELY AMAZING. And totally different from any other salad dressing I’ve ever made before. It’s thick, creamy, and peppery (from the ginger) and goes perfectly on top of hardier lettuce like iceberg or romaine. So basically if you dream of hibachi or are just in the mood for a delicious plant-based salad dressing, this is it.

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