Mexican Cauliflower Rice And Chicken

Mexican Cauliflower Rice And Chicken

I feel like I’m cheating when I make this meal. Because I use Trader Joe’s frozen Mexican cauliflower rice and then Blake grills the chicken. I add fresh basil at the very end but besides that, this meal is four ingredients. PEOPLE. FOUR INGREDIENTS. Cauliflower rice, chicken, basil, and butter. And if you haven’t tried this cauliflower rice yet, run and I mean run to your nearest Trader Joe’s. It is an essential grocery item for me. One of my best finds and only $2.99 for a bag. Also if you don’t want to do chicken, use shrimp or steak instead. Even fried eggs – yum! Any protein will work. And any fresh herb will work too. I add basil at the end because it’s green, fragrant, and looks nice. I can’t help myself. But once again, any fresh herb will work. You do you and then let the cauliflower rice do its own thaaang.

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