Tazo Lemon Loaf Tea

Tazo Lemon Loaf Tea

I’m a huge drinker. If I could, I would waste away all my calories on copious amounts of sugared beverages. And believe me, I used to. But then I ended up bloated, hungry, and malnourished. So I won’t be doing that again. Ever. Instead I hydrate my body by drinking lots and lots of water (first thing I do in the morning is drink 40 ounces). And teas!!!!! Tazo is one of my favorite brands (you might know this already from previous posts). And their dessert delights line is second to none. Specifically the lemon loaf flavor. It tastes…….. incredible. It’s vanilla. It’s lemon. It’s creamy and rich. It’s a dessert in a cup only not because it’s only water and herbal tea. Please. Try this tea.

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