The Easiest Mashed Potatoes You'll Ever Make

The Easiest Mashed Potatoes You’ll Ever Make

Seriously though. They are so easy. And because there’s no dairy or grain in them, they are whipped to perfection with room temperature butter, chicken stock, garlic powder, and salt. That’s it! No messing around. I also love being able to add chicken stock to my mashed potatoes because of all the added nutrients it provides – lots of antioxidants, minerals, and protein. All hail queen chicken stock!! The most versatile pantry ingredient in existence (in my humble opinion). My favorite brand is this one from Costco. But any organic brand will do. Also homemade is even better, you high achievers! I always say the fewer the ingredients, the higher quality you want them to be. Within reason. There’s only one Martha Stewart. Regardless try this recipe and never go back to cream in your starch. Chicken stock all the way, baby.

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