The Turkey Bacon Unwich

The Turkey Bacon Unwich

Have you ever heard of an unwich before? Blake eats one for lunch almost every day and they are a LIFE SAVER. For me the hardest thing about eating healthy is the constant food prep. Especially being pregnant and having strong food aversions this time around, I’m trying to go as easy on myself as possible. Sometimes that looks like an entire afternoon of food prep so I’m ready for the upcoming week. But sometimes that looks like an unwich which takes zero food prep, has unlimited flavor possibilities, and is sooo gooooood.

You can also customize your unwich with as many meats, veggies, and sauces as you like. If you don’t avoid dairy, throw some cheese on there. If you do, go for an avocado mayonnaise or a dairy-free pesto (or both!) instead. This specific unwich is a turkey bacon one, but don’t worry. I’ll be posting more of our favorite combos on here. You can either clean out your fridge and load it onto an unwich or you can purposefully put great thought into your ingredients. Either way you win. Because either way you end up eating an unwich.

Watch Danielle Walker’s version of an unwich and how to wrap one here.

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