To The Power Of Seven Mocktail

To The Power Of Seven Mocktail

Being pregnant (and Paleo) means no cocktails for meeeeee! However a mocktail, a mocktail is still possible and can I say it…… maybe even better? Because it’s still as delicious BUT I feel energized and hydrated afterwards. This specific drink comes from only two ingredients and you need both to make it. It’s a bubbly, lemon, berry mocktail/refresher and tastes great in my living room when it’s below zero outside. Would also taste just as great on a dock somewhere in the summer months or in a lawn chair next to a bonfire when it’s sweater season. Really anywhere and, bonus, at any time of day. I also sip on mine in a large wine glass filled to the top with ice – makes it a whole experience and I would highly recommend it.

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