Toscana Soup

Toscana Soup

I love soups. They are easy to make, easy to reheat, and easy to enjoy. I make them all the time and have actually started to double my recipes so I can freeze batches for when we have a newborn again (9 weeks and counting!!!!). Also soups in the summer are a thing. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Especially if you eat them in an air-conditioned house in front of a blowing fan. Not pointing fingers here but I love a good loud fan. In fact, Blake has drawn pictures of me laying in bed with fans all around me as a joke of what my ideal relaxation situation would look like. And he’s not wrong even though it was joke. I love to cook and I love to have a fan on me. Anyways this soup. Packed with nutritional bone broth, vedge, and chicken sausage. It is slightly spicy, tangy, and light (yet definitely filling). A great option when you want comfort food without the heaviness of comfort food. Which happens to me all the time when the seasons start to change. Give me all the soups in December and again in April, May, June, and July. 🙂

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