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Wanted to share an update on my family and how things are going for us. The past couple of weeks have been a challenge and a whirlwind. Started with us all getting colds, turned into Elsie being diagnosed with a staph infection on her face (she suffered from this all of last summer), and ended with Blake’s work announcing they weren’t getting the funding they needed to continue on with his position full time. Woof! Oh and our exterior siding is rotted and needs to be replaced. Woof again! Here’s the thing though, life is full of ups and downs. And it’s really easy to forget that when you’re in an up. And also when you’re in a down. The good news for us (and for you) is that it’s only a season. Everything is only a season. And by staying physically and mentally healthy, we are more ready than ever to face the challenges life ultimately ends up throwing our way. A good attitude helps (always helps) but I think it actually starts with what you eat first. It fuels your physical body in way that then supports a healthy mind and therefore a healthy attitude. So if you’re going through a season of change, a season of challenge, or a season of celebration, remember they are all just seasons. And you are in control of only you at the end of the day.

Melissa Eggum

Melissa Eggum

Hi, my name is Melissa and I’m an absolute food enthusiast! I love making food, trying new food, and above all - eating food. Recently my husband, daughter, and I went Paleo with the goal of healing our gut and living longer, healthier lives. My blog is a little space on the internet that shares our story as well as all my favorite tried and true Paleo recipes. Stop by and say hi at ReadySetPaleo